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CVSA®II (Computer Voice Stress Analyzer) Advantage

Criminal Justice Associates utilizes the CVSA®II for a wide range of lie detection-truth verification exams. The CVSA®II is used by over 2,000 law enforcement and government agencies in the USA. The CVSA®II has a 22-year successful track record and the only truth verification instrument to hold (3) U.S. Patents. Many federal agencies to include the U.S. Military, Defense Intelligence Agency, and Special Operations Forces have acquired the CVSA for use within there own organizations. A partial sampling of CVSA®II users in the USA include Atlanta GA Police Department, Georgia Tech Police Department, Fulton County GA District Attorney’s Office, New Orleans LA Police Dept., California Highway Patrol, Missouri Highway Patrol, Illinois Department of Corrections, Nashville TN Police Department, Orange County FL Sheriff’s Office, Daytona Beach Police Department, Gainesville FL Police Department, and Miami FL Police Department. Florida alone has over 160 CVSA®II’s in use by various law enforcement agencies. Unlike the computerized polygraph, which can be sold to anyone, the CVSA®II is mainly sold to law enforcement and government only. NITV Federal Services allows contractors to acquire CVSA®II’s in certain cases and related specialized training. The CVSA is classified as restricted crime control technology by the U.S. government. The NITV selection process protects the integrity of the CVSA II. The added benefit of this process is that companies and professionals will have well qualified examiners available to assist them.

What makes the CVSA II so Effective as a Truth Verification Instrument? It Works!

The CVSA®II works for law enforcement, every day, and all across the USA and in foreign countries. It is truly the next generation in terms of lie detection-truth verification. The instrument requires no wires be attached to the subject being tested. The CVSA® II uses only a specialized microphone attached to the computer to capture and analyze the subject’s responses. As the subject speaks, the computer displays each voice pattern, numbers it and saves each chart to file. While the CVSA®II uses the Yes and No format in exams, it also has the flexibility of analyzing telephone conversations covertly in real time or tape recordings. The polygraph cannot do that as the subject has to be connected to various sensors and be physically present in the same room.

The CVSA®II records, quantifies and analyzes frequency changes in the human voice. When an individual is not being truthful the autonomic nervous system creates inaudible changes in the frequency of the human voice. During the CVSA®II examination process, the instrument identifies vocal stress related to specific issues under investigation. It has been established that consequence-based stress can be detected in the human voice using the CVSA, which can be directly correlated to truth and deception (Journal of Criminalistics and Court Chapman, 2012). The CVSA has a remarkably low error rate (less than ½%), has no inconclusive results, and far surpasses the validity and reliability of the computerized polygraph.

If a person uses drugs, has internal or external medical issues this can impact the polygraph. These do not create a problem for the CVSA®II or impact the results of the exam. Unlike the computerized polygraph there are no known counter-measures in use against the CVSA®II. There are numerous countermeasures that can be used to skew the results of the polygraph. Many of them are sold on the internet and some of the authors are long time polygraph examiners themselves. Click here to see one of the articles regarding this.

The CVSA®II is used by law enforcement to conduct pre-employment exams, internal affairs investigations, and a wide range of criminal investigations. It is a well known fact the CVSA®II has cleared innocent people exposed the guilty, and when the polygraph exam failed. This has been true in more than one high profile criminal case. The CVSA®II is also an effective tool to use in a corporate environment to seek out the truth in theft cases, sabotage, insurance and workmen’s compensation fraud as just a few real case examples.

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What can the CVSA®II do for my Company, Organization, or Profession?

The CVSA II can provide reliable and consistent truth verification for your firm, to include some of the following:

* Corporate Investigation & Legal – The CVSA®II can be used to investigate Employee Theft cases which could include cash, checks, or company property. It can also be used to seek out the truth in accusations of Sexual Harassment, False Injuries and or Workmen Compensation, Disability cases. If your company has a situation where the TRUTH is being sought the CVSA®II can assist you. Employee testing is regulated by the EPPA:

* Criminal/Civil Litigation Cases – The CVSA®II can be used to verify the facts to support or refute criminal and civil cases. Law enforcement relies heavily on the CVSA®II to clear suspects and identify the guilty in a wide range of crimes from murder, rape, grand theft, robbery, to name a few. More an more law enforcement agencies are converting to the CVSA®II for that reason, as the CVSA works!

* Immigration, Marriage Scams, & Human Trafficking – The CVSA®II can help verify and document immigration claims in the absence of actual documents. It can assist in seeking out the truth in asylum, residency, and other issues. It can be used to validate legal marriages and or expose marriage scams. It is also helpful in learning the truth from victims of human trafficking cases and violence against women and or children while residing in the USA.

* Polygraph Exams – If you have failed a polygraph exam we can retest using the CVSA II. We can utilize the same questions as the polygraph, or refine or expand them according to your needs. Many people have failed polygraph exams for various reasons and may be seeking a polygraph alternative. The CVSA®II is the polygraph alternative in terms of truth verification. Many law enforcement polygraph examiners have converted to the CVSA®II after using the polygraph for many years. The CVSA®II has evolved over the past 22-years, and the manufacturer, NITV Federal Services is constantly enhancing the CVSA and examiner training.

A properly structured CVSA exam configured with the right questions can provide your company or profession the answers you need. Keep in mind that the results of any lie detection-truth verification exam should be ONLY one factor in your total decision making process.

Criminal Justice Associates utilizes the CVSA®II Truth Verification Instrument for all exams. We conduct all CVSA®II exams in accordance with the proprietary Training & Education provided to all law enforcement examiners developed by NITV Federal Services. In addition all NITV Certified Examiners must attend mandatory re-certification classes through the NACVSA as to maintain certification and professional standards. Criminal Justice Associates is also a member of the NACVSA. National Association of Computer Voice Stress Analysts which is an organization of NITV Certified Examiners from law enforcement agencies and select contractors worldwide. All exams are conducted within strict legal guidelines in terms of state and federal laws and fully compliant with the EPPA.

Please review the other sections of our website site to learn more about the CVSA®II and how we can assist you. Our goal is to provide you with the truth verification you need, and when you need it. Contact us for further details at (404)665-3555. We provide our services in all Major Georgia Cities to include the surrounding communities.



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